I Wish I Could Tell You How It Feels...

...to be loved by Jesus. But I don't think I have the right words. 

Have you ever felt how it feels to love someone so much, that you would actually step in front of a gun, so that their life would be protected and saved? 

I just recently had this realization. And it was a break-down crying in the shower realization...That I would definitely choose to die to protect this particular someone. It was a powerful feeling. I realized that Jesus and I shared this feeling of love. He felt it towards me when He chose to experience a crucifixion death. He could have chosen another path, but because He is who He is, He died for me so that I can experience a beautiful life (and after-life). I may not be as quick to react this way for a stranger either, but Jesus sure did. And that makes Him even more amazing!

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